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EA Sports MMA’s Career Mode Detailed

Many people’s largest complaint with the UFC franchise is the lackluster and frustrating career mode. The training was frustrating, tedious, and apart from the actual fighting it was a bore. With the release of EA Sports MMA, this does not seem to be changing.

EA SPORTS MMA announces Career Mode for this year’s title, set to be released on October, 19th. In career mode, you will have the opportunity to train around the globe with top MMA trainers like Randy Couture, Pat Miletich, Rickson Gracie and Bas Rutten. Visit gyms in Japan, Brazil, Thailand and the United States to learn new skills and techniques. You choose what techniques you want to improve and then go out and do the actual drills to improve your gameplay skills. Bring your created fighter up through the ranks to attempt to make one of biggest stages in mixed martial arts – STRIKEFORCE. No career mode will ever be the same, ensuring a unique experience each and every time.”

Words cannot describe my frustration and annoyance at EA Sports for (at least from the sound of it) not changing the UFC formula whatsoever. And on top of that, the game itself looks incredibly similar to UFC Undisputed. I’m not for sure of what the actual incentive is for buying this over UFC (except for this having Strikeforce) but in my eyes, the developers need to do something drastic to make their game not look like a clone of UFC's decent game.

EA Sports MMA releases October 19th.


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