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EA Sports UFC Gets Release Date & Bruce Lee Pre-Order Bonus

Finally some very substantial news for one of the more interesting looking sports games of the year. EA Sports UFC, the first UFC game since EA recently required the license, has now got a release date. The game will be coming exclusively to Xbox One & Playstation 4 on June 17th in North America so not long before you'll be able to see some next gen knockouts.
A new trailer was also released which has been made entirely from in game footage. It looks better than ever before and I really hope the game looks this good and more importantly plays as well when we finally get our hands on it. Also announced was a very unique pre-order bonus in the form of martial arts legend Bruce Lee available as a playable character.

Bruce Lee can also be unlocked if you beat career mode (something we still don't know too much about), but if you want him on day one simply pre-order the game and he's yours. He will be playable in four different weight classes (Light, Feather, Bantam and Fly) and EA have tried to perfectly capture the man's moves and way of fighting. Not just some different character skin. Sounds great to me.
EA Sports UFC is really starting to shape up as we get closer to it's release. We'll have more on new roster announcements as well as more previews as the hype train continues to roll.


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