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EA Uses “Dragons” To Deliver Dragon Age 2

To promote the release of Dragon Age 2 in Europe at the end of this week, Electronic Arts unleashed a horde of giant reptiles on the streets of the United Kingdom today.  Of course, because Dragons don't actually exists, the promotion had to settle for what appear to be some species of monitor lizard.  Each of these creatures was strapped to a tiny cart packed with copies of the game, then set loose to deliver the games to terrified customers waiting in line outside electronics retailers.

Although these animals are quite large, about nine feet long, you can see from the pictures below that they are still only a few inches high, and probably can't pull those carts very fast.  I also suspect that the lizards might have some degree of trouble navigating London traffic on their own.  In the future, video game publishers might want to consider using some sort of mammal to deliver games.  Us mammals really have this sort of work covered: Mules, horses, dogs, are all good choices, and you'd be surprised how many human will deliver stuff for you, if you just ask nicely or offer a small fee.

Dragon Age 2 is already out in North America, and releases for UK and Europe on Friday March 11th.  No animals were harmed in this photoshoot, although it seems like at least one was really pissed off...


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