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Earn 800 Easy Microsoft Points… For 2500 In Exchange

Xbox Live seems to always have a promotion going on. This month it is “The Game Feast.” That seems more apropos for November but hey, I digress (and while I digress, I continue to wonder what the hell The Game Feasts means). This month, similar to Summer of Arcade and that other promotion they had that I cannot find the name of, you will get a bonus 10 bucks (800 MS Points) for buying 30 bucks (2500 MS Points) worth of content.

Look at this guy!

Unlike the previous promotions, this is not limited to just games releasing in The Game Feast, it’s valid on all content so you have no excuse to not go out and buy 2500 Points worth of content. Comic Jumper, Limbo, and ‘Splosion Man. That’s all it takes. Now go do it!... Or wait a week until Comic Jumper is actually out then do it.


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