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Eastbound & Down – Chapter 12

This hilarious chapter ends Kenny and Stevie’s adventure in Mexico. It’s nice to see that the growth that Kenny went through last season has stuck with him. He’s finally done running and is returning to America and baseball. Pat Anderson is the unlikely hero, as he promises to get a scout to watch Kenny play in Mexico as a part of his rehabilitation program… this time he’s for real. The overall dynamic of the show makes it feel like season 2 is going full circle towards season 1. Of course, Kenny has to settle scores with the people who wronged him in Mexico before he leaves.

The scene between Kenny and Cisneros quickly switching from a battle to the death to them making up was hilarious. Of course, it makes sense with them almost being children on a psychological level. It would have been nice if Kenny was a little meaner to Vida, since she did break his heart over a one night stand with a guy she won’t even call back. However, with Kenny finally following his heart and crossing the bloody battleground of butts vs. breasts, it’s clear that he thinks, at least right now, that April is the one for him. Kenny’s revenge of Aaron’s betrayal was pretty good, but it would have been nice if Aaron received more screen time, since it’s probably the last we’ll ever see of him. Other than maybe Will Ferrell’s character and of course Kenny himself, Aaron has had some of the funniest scenes in the show’s entire run. How can any one not love a midget that cusses every sentence and always has two fake mustaches on him?

Stevie was just left out of that comparison; he is a very funny character, but he used to ooze so many creepy vibes he was actually the hardest person for me to like, even though on paper he’s a far better person than Kenny and most of the other funny characters. In season one he had such a man crush on Kenny I was waiting for him to kill him and wear his skin. Luckily this season Stevie has expanded into more than just a weirdo obsessive over Kenny. Perhaps it was him “finally feeling the love of a woman”, but Stevie definitely seems like his own person now. He is still very much dependent and a sidekick to Kenny, which was evident when he was begging Kenny to allow him to marry Maria. However, his level of obsession doesn’t seem like it will end in a murder/suicide anymore.

This more laidback Kenny was a blast to watch. There isn’t a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type transformation between the old and new Kenny, but it is a somewhat noticeable one. The old Kenny probably would have kept fighting Cisneros, been meaner to Vida, not bother to take the chickens out of the truck before blowing it up, or allowed Stevie to “have sex one more time with that weird woman”. All aspects of Kenny’s life are in an upswing, since Pat came through with getting the Texas scout there, and he was impressed with Kenny’s performance. With Kenny on his way back to the south and everything going well, the big question is how bad will things get for him next week? Really, Chapter 12 felt like a great season finale, so the show probably has something up its sleeve to have another episode following it. As I have said in previous reviews, this show is a roller-coaster for Kenny taking him on extreme highs and lows. I believe it’s probably safe to assume that the season finale next week will be gray rather than completely white or black. It’s a shame that the show’s seasons are so short, but that’s most likely how it maintains its unparalleled quality compared to other comedies currently on television. 


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