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Echoes is a Day One Sell Out!

Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced that ECHOES #1 has completely sold out after only one day of sales. A second printing of ECHOES #1 is being sent to Diamond Comics Distributors to meet the demand for Minotaur Press’ first horror/suspense-thriller title, and will be available in stores the same day as ECHOES #2 for readers who couldn’t get their hands on the creepy series in time.

ECHOES, the first independent-styled series from the publisher comes from the creative minds of Joshua Hale Fialkov (TUMOR, PILOT SEASON: ALIBI) and Rahsan Ekedal (CREEPY). Brian Cohn was learning to deal with the Schizophrenia inherited from his father. Supportive wife, new baby on the way, drugs to control the voices. But when on his father’s deathbed, he learns that he also inherited the trophies of his father’s career as a serial killer. Will his madness send him further down into the crawlspace of his father’s mind?

Echoes 1 2nd Print“I'm so amazingly grateful to all of our readers and the kickass retailers who helped us reach them!” said Fialkov. “The support, loyalty, and clearly awesome taste really warms my heart.”

“It's thrilling to hear the news that Echoes #1 has sold out so quickly,” added Ekedal. “After nearly a year of hard work and long, long hours bringing this book to life, it's very gratifying to see the incredible response. I can't wait for everyone to see the rest of the series!

“Echoes is one of the project's I'm most proud of this year, so I can't say I'm surprised the first printing sold out immediately,” said Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. “It's exactly the type of high quality, sharply written, beautifully drawn, self-contained and easily accessible story-telling the industry says it wants but repeatedly fails to support up front. I couldn't be prouder of the work that Josh, Rahsan, Troy, and the rest of the Top Cow team have done on this series and we're thrilled to support the launch with an aggressive second printing. Mark my words; this series will be one that everyone will be talking about 2011.”



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