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El Shaddai Captured My Eye

Visually stunning from the very beginning, El Shaddai, scheduled for August 16 release, is a game that appears to have innovation and imagination. From the moment you start the game, the vibrant colors and unique design immediately grabs your attention. 

El Shaddai stands for almighty God. In this game, your role is an angel who's orders are to retrieve the souls of fallen angels who once watched over earth.  Developed and produced by Ignition Entertainment this game is definitely a keeper. Gamers begin their quest as a character named Enoch. Enoch is unarmed at the start, but has the ability to steal the weapons from enemies.  Still, beware the negative effects the weapons may have on your soul. All weapons must be "Purified" as you use them. Purified weapons are stronger than unpurified and they simply make your player look much better (unless you prefer the glowing red bad guy look).

There are three main weapons: the Arch, which is a curved blade that gives you limited floating abilities; the Gale, a ring shaped weapon that allows you to dash around quickly and shoot darts at enemies; and the Veil, which looks like two big guantlets but can be used as a sheild as well. 

The gameplay and the visual apsect of this game look amazing. You use one button to perform an array of different combinations. The art takes on sort of a Kingdom Hearts look but also has a look all its own that I personally have never seen before.  This game is definitely one you want to mark down on your calendars.


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