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Emmy Nominations 2011: Fringe Snubbed & Game of Thrones Praised

This year's Emmy nominations have just been unveiled as reported by Ali, and two dramas dear to Player Affinity TV (PATV) have met strikingly different fates. Fringe was all but ignored while Game of Thrones not only won recognition but arguably broke the glass ceiling.

Since the announcement yesterday, Fringe seems to have garnered better chances in a less prestigious contest. The series has been appearing systematically on lists about the "Biggest Snubs" of this year's Emmy Awards. Fox's sci-fi drama received Emmy nominations in 2009 and 2010 for visual effects and sound editing respectively. For its third season, generally considered by fans as its best by far, expectations were high. Many timidly hoped for a nomination of the drama series itself, more felt Anna Torv's performance deserved a nod, but all agreed John Noble could not be denied an Emmy. Anna Torv and John Noble have both impressed and delighted viewers by each of them playing several characters throughout the season.

Another favorite of ours is Game of Thrones which earned thirteen Emmy nominations, including one in the "Outstanding Supporting Actor" category for Peter Dinklage and one for the much coveted "Outstanding Drama Series." We at PATV would be ready to pop the champagne if we didn't know all too well that genre shows do very poorly at the Emmy Awards. In fact, Game of Thrones is the first fantasy ever to be nominated for the main drama category. With so many nods, it has achieved what no genre show has done before. Unfortunately, although math seems to be on Thrones' side, we should remember that sci-fi and fantasy do not fare that much better in other categories. My favorite example is the award for visual effects. In 1998, nominees included Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, but the winner was Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach...

Game of Thrones - Peter Dinklage


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