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Empowered: Ten Questions for Maidman – Review

Adam Warren’s newest issue of Empowered is here and as usual, this gem is still as funny and risqué as the first time I read the book.  In this newest volume we are given two stories that at the end link up really well. The first story is a look into the mind of probably one of the most jacked up and bad-ass heroes in the Empowered universe... the Maidman.  In the second story, Warren gives us The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but Empowered stars as the little boy, and Warren shows us the consequences of her actions. The two stories are cleverly mixed and make up one whole story just like the Simpson's television episodes do every week.

The story and dialogue of this book are clever and true to the Empowered books. Warrens finds the perfect time to add in his humor.  Just when you think he is going to let up on being funny, he puts the pedal down and keeps going.  The dialogue is typical to Empowered books at this point. The Empowered character is still her cute bubbly self, and her lines come out naturally. And what is an Empowered book without our cute superchica breaking through the fourth wall?  I enjoy it every time and it never gets old.  Thugboy is the cool and calm boyfriend and is still crazy about Empowered. Ninjette and Caged Demon Wolf are their usual funny selves and add their usual mix to the story.

The issue depicts all of the characters. The art by Emily Warren is stunning. It's content correlates well with the story of the book, which is a funny twist on cape books.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the interior art of the book in color, as I have mostly seen them in black and white. The color makes the book more interesting to read. All of the characters pop in the panels and details are really appreciated. I would love to see more of the Empowered books in color; as it really makes the experience even better than what this book is already doing.  Still a very good idea and I love it.

If you are into capes, and are looking for something that does not take itself way too serious like a lot of cape books right now, then give Empowered a shot.  The story is great, the art is great, and the book is a fun experience from the first page. So as Empowered would say: “So… was this review helpful? “

Overall Score – 8.0/10



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