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Enhanced Resident Evil Remake Coming Early 2015

Old school survival horror fans might wanna take a deep breath before reading this one. The 2002 remake of Resident Evil previously only available on the GameCube is coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC early next year. However this isn't just a straight port of the popular remake of the 1996 classic. It will boost many further enhancements to hopefully make an incredible game just that little bit better.

Capcom haven't been a stranger to remaking Resident Evil games in recent years. The 2002 remake was arguably ahead of it's time on the GameCube, but since then we have also seen many different ports and HD remakes. Most recently both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X were both up scaled as well as the fantastic 3DS game RE: Revelations was brought to home consoles.

When people talk about what is the definitive Resident Evil game it usually comes down to two options. The 2002 remake vs Resident Evil 4. Whatever side you sit on, it's amazing news that more people will get to experience this fantastic game and hopefully shows that Capcom are listening to their fans after the negative fan reaction it received to the abomination known as Resident Evil 6. Hopefully this release will sell well and open the door for further remakes, with Resident Evil 2 & 3 standing as the only canon games left without pretty versions. Porting a PS1 game would be very difficult without completely rebuilding the games from scratch but I would much rather see Capcom spend their efforts on this than Resident Evil 7 anytime soon.

With The Evil Within just around the corner, I for one am very happy with this mini revival of sorts the survival horror genre is currently on.


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