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Enjoy The Skyrim Library On Your e-Reader

Dovakiin, what is best in life?  A comfy chair, a hot cup of tea, and a good book!  This is best in life!  Among the many pleasures that Skyrim affords is the chance to enjoy hundreds of books featuring short stories, history lessons and works of poetry from the land of Tamriel.  Alas, until now, you could only enjoy such literary classics as The Lusty Argonian Maid, and The Real Barenziah while sitting in front of your computer.  But now, thanks to the work of game blogger Capaneus, you can enjoy the vast libraries of Skyrim anywhere you please.

The whole thing comes in a single alphabetized volume that hits nearly four thousand pages, so make a big pot of apple cabbage stew and pour yourself a mug of Nordic mead, then dig in to this collection of tales from the frozen Northlands.

The files are free, although from a legal perspective, you should really buy a copy of Skyrim before you sit down to read this, or you'll earn a major bounty from whatever Hold you're in at the time.  You can download the ebook files from Capaneus' website.


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