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Entering a New Era: New Writer for The Darkness

In the beginning of March 2012, The Darkness will be having a new writer: David Hine, who has written for such titles as The Bulletproof Coffin, Detective Comics and The Spirit. He will be joined by artist Jeremy Haun, who is the Detective Comics creative partner and has worked on the Top Cow cross-over event of the decade: Artifacts, as well as the DC Comics title Red Hood: The Lost Days.

Hine and Haun will work for the first time on The Darkness beginning with issue 101. Hine will be taking over for previous Darkness writer Phil Hester (Wonder Woman), who wrote the Darkness for four years since 2007, when The Darkness re-launched. But Hine is not new to writing the Darkness's main protagonist Jackie Estpanoza. He wrote the mini-series The Darkness: Four Horsemen.  

We'll get to see how well Haun and Hine work together in The Darkness #101, which will go on sale in March 2012, for $3.99.

Top Cow: The Darkness #101 by Jeremy Haun and David Hine. 


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