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Entertainment Fuse’s Game of the Year 2015: Andy’s Top 5

"Excuses... Excuses..."
A lot of pretty interesting things happened this year. Same sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states, Back to the Future officially takes place in the past, and drinking your coffee from a red cup after Thanksgiving is apparently an act of war. But unfortunately for me, my gaming intake has been somewhat lacking this year. Until recently, I wasn’t able to play any new games due to financial troubles and I actually had to sell a lot of my games (super sad face). So my top ten list has been shrunk down to a top five.
Despite not being entirely satisfied with the ending, Life is Strange is one of the best written games I’ve ever experienced. The story is engaging and always had me on the edge of my seat. The characters are interesting and well developed (get it? Photography is a theme in the game... I’m gonna go sit in the corner...). It’s definitely worth checking out.
While probably not the best of the Arkham games, Batman: Arkham Knight still doesn’t fail to deliver the goods. It’s still a lot of fun putting the smackdown on criminals and the story is still engaging with lots of surprises. The only downsides might be that the game is too reliant on the Batmobile and if you know anything about Batman’s history, the Arkham Knight’s identity is pretty easy to figure out. Regardless of the few negatives, Batman: Arkham Knight is still a solid entry and a great finale to an awesome series of games. Now seriously, Rocksteady, please get to work on a sweet Superman game.
I love survival horror games and slasher movies, and Until Dawn is the perfect blend of both. The game’s atmosphere is cold, creepy, and sometimes downright unnerving. The graphics are amazing and the motion capture is the best I’ve seen in a game. The scares rank from subtle to in-your-face jump scares. It’s a real horror treat from beginning to end.
I admit I’m kinda cheating here since this is a re-release of a game from 2013... Buuuut the re-release WAS released in 2015, and I’m not afraid to admit that DMC is one of my favorite games of all time. It polished Dante’s flimsy backstory and changed it just enough to still be consided as a legit prequel. The game has some of the most innovative level design I’ve ever seen. The combat is very satisfying and doesn’t feel repetitive. The Definitive Edition also contains a Turbo Mode which brings and extra layer of fun to a game I’m already in love with. Now if only Capcom would make an actual sequel!
Based on my experiences with other Bethesda games, I didn’t think I was going to like Fallout 4 as much as I did. I’ve played Fallout 3 and Skyrim before and while they’re both good games, they just didn’t do much for me. Well, I don’t know what was about different about Fallout 4, but I was immediately hooked. Maybe it was more realistic graphics or maybe I was more invested in the story, but I’ve put roughly about 30 hours worth of gameplay into Fallout 4 and I’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s so much to do and so much ground to cover, it’s hard to imagine that there’s more to offer in the upcoming season pass! Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be disappointed.
Here’s to some great games in 2016!


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