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Environments of Resistance 3

Along with the new Ratchet & Clank title, Insomniac Games' upcoming third installment to the popular Resistance series has seen yet another media preview. On April 12 a large group of both American and European press members in Los Angeles were treated to a presentation of a new single-player area, multiplayer map, and weapon that would be featured in the upcoming Resistance 3 game. Along with this fresh material, the video showing the boat segment along the Mississippi River was also shown. Both of these levels which are featured in the game's single-player campaign feature characters Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov as they try to ward off the Chimeran threat; show some of the new game elements such as the “weapon wheel” and HUD enhancements.


The new single-player area that was revealed shows Capelli and Malikov as they sneak their way through the dark woods of Pennsylvania. During this chapter, players must avoid the spotlights of enemy dropships and covertly take down sniper hybrids. There will also be Chimera that are protected by drones—which must be dealt with first in order to damage the shielded hybrids. The developers have stated that one of the bigger gameplay changes in Resistance 3 is the decision to open up the playable space, which will allow players to better evaluate combat situations and gain the upper hand during firefights. Along with the help of the weapon wheel, players will also be able to use the environment to their advantage.

dark woods

dark woods

During the Mississippi river boat segment, players are taken through the swampy landscape outside of St. Louis and are forced to defend the vehicle from enemy attacks. Smaller Chimera will jump onto the boat from nearby structures and used ranged attacks while flying units and the larger Goliath walker enemies are patrolling the flooded area. The video also shows that the shooting mechanics in Resistance 3 remained mostly unchanged with the exception of a few subtle differences. For example, the accuracy and damage for some of the weapons has been altered slightly and the aiming seems to be more precise. On top of that, the visuals and graphics are on par with the previous installment and the game seems to run smoothly.

Journalists attending the event were also given the opportunity to see one of the game's multiplayer maps—one that would be featured in the upcoming closed beta. The map is set in the tropical climate of Bogota, Columbia and sports a variety of vertical and open spaces. Players can jump in and out of derailed train cars, find cover inside war-torn buildings or set up shop from a tactical position and use the game's “Deadeye” sniper rifle. This weapon features a skill shot as an alternative firing mode that requires users to track an enemy player for a brief period of time—before unleashing a devastating blast that is capable of penetrating multiple enemies. The train yard map has no official label yet, but should be named by the time the beta starts.


The game's developers at Insomniac's Burbank-based studio have announced that work on Resistance 3 is in the final stages and that they are polishing things up “ahead of its September 6th, 2011 release date.” More news will also be revealed in the coming months.


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