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Epic Games Finds Itself Down a President

Mike Capps began his adventure with Epic Games 10 years ago, and actually celebrated his 10 years of employment with them earlier this year. However, he officially announced his resignation from the company as president.  He will however, continue to stay on as an advisor and keep a position on the board of directors.
Epic Games, whose main claim to fame was the development of the Unreal Engine, has put out many successful games over the course of the past 10 years.  And while this announcement from Capps may come as a surprise, interesting enough it comes on the heels of another major player in the Epic Games family leaving: Cliff Bleszinski. Bleszinski was the design director for Epic Games, and left the company to persue other interests early in October.

These two announcements, while seemingly independent, may say something about the direction Epic is heading. And while Capps has stayed on as a board member, only time will tell what the future holds for Epic Games and their new developments in the video game world.


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