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Epic Games We’re working on five new games

Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War franchise, Infinity Blade and Unreal Tournament, recently announced that they could be making a new IP in the near future, but it appear that they had more up their sleeve. Epic is confirmed to be working on five new games, none of which are Gears related. Mike Capps, president of Epic Games (not Cliffy B) recently spoke about the future of the company at the GDC Europe keynote audience.

"At Epic we didn't multiply the studio size by five when we started working on these multiple projects, so you can make some assumptions about the size of those projects," Capps told the audience, when asked about spiraling development costs for AAA console titles.

So what does that mean exactly? Due to the success of Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade, titles that have far less risky prospects unlike the Epic's AAA games, Epic wants to retap that wealth by hitting the handheld market. So when Epic announces five games, their better question should be, how many of those games are for the handheld market?

"Everyone knows the middle class is disappearing from the console business. Gears of War, I hope will do really well, but a pretty good game doesn't make its money back any more. A game like Homefront sells a couple of million copies and they close the studio, right? That's not enough any more. That's pretty depressing. You don't want to see what happens to an industry where it's Call of Duty, Halo and Gears and no-one else has enough money to make any games any more. That's not a fun industry.  I can't bet my entire company every time I make a game, that's a really dangerous business," Capps added.


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