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Epic Reveals First Glimpse of New IP

Epic has revealed their new IP: Fortnite.  Details are scarce right now, but as seen in the short trailer, the game features a cartoony art style and looks to be a zombie survival game.  According to Epic's Cliff Bleszinski, players will be able to "explore, scavenge, build and survive." 

In a short interview with Mike Schramm [Joystiq], Bleszinski said the idea for the game was pitched internally.  "I was a staunch supporter of the idea, because the game is just like a no-brainer -- I was like, yes."  Although Lee Perry is the project lead for Fortnite, Bleszinski will be involved providing feedback as the game develops. 

Fortnite will be a nice change of pace for the folks at Epic seeing as the last game they released was Gears of War 3.  No platform details have been released at this time so stay tuned.


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