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Eva Mendes won’t ride with “Ghost Rider” again

Unfortunately for fans of Eva Mendes, the beauty will not reprise her role as Johnny Blaze’s (Nicolas Cage) lover Roxanne in the sequel to Ghost Rider. The actress confirmed that she will not be involved with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (the sequel under its working title) yesterday while promoting her upcoming comedy The Other Guys. According to SuperHeroHype, the only thing Mendes had to say was, “no, unfortunately,” when she was asked about her future involvement with the series.

As of now, the reason for this decision is unknown. It likely has nothing to do with scheduling conflicts, as she only has one film in the works according to IMDb. Perhaps the new writing and directing duo, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who helmed Crank and Crank: High Voltage, decided to leave Roxanne out of the picture, which would mean leaving Mendes out as well. On the other hand, maybe Mendes has more serious films in mind. She was terrific in last year’s critically acclaimed Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans in which she again starred alongside Cage, proving that she had acting chops to spare. Perhaps she’s seeking out opportunities for her to stretch her acting beyond her stereotypical “bombshell” film roles.

Mendes is a striking beauty who is arguably reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour. She added a certain spark to the phenomenally awful Ghost Rider with her charisma, charm, and appeal. Since she won’t have any part in the upcoming sequel, is there anything to really look forward to?



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