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EVE Online: Incarna Launch

I gotta hand it to CCP Games, they're up there with developers like Valve in terms of giving players free content for their games. Since EVE Online launched in 2003, CCP has given players each expansion and major update to the game for the low cost of Free. While you do have to pay a subscription fee to play, there's nothing stopping you from making a trial account to try out the new content.

The next major update, Incarna 1.0 is set to launch today and it will add the long awaited ability for players to walk around space stations in third person. While 1.0 won't add full multiplayer interactions, it does implement The Captain's Quarters which will replace the hangar in which you dock your ship for a set of fully 3D and explorable rooms which effectively do the same thing as the old hangar view but are much more accessible than the slew of menus.

The update will also further revamp the tutorials in order to make the first hours of EVE easier than ever for new players. Another feature being added in the update is the Noble Exchange which will allow players to buy character accessories as well as paint jobs for their ships.

By the time this article goes up, EVE: Incarna 1.0 should be live. But if not, check out the following video to see the new Captains Quarters in action:


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