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Everything We Know About “Watch Dogs”

Watch Dogs is HERE! Turn off your Cellphone!

During the Ubisoft press conference this week at E3 the Montreal based video game giant surprised the collective video game industry by showcasing a brand new IP, Watch Dogs. If you haven't had the opportunity yet to see this trailer scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the gameplay trailer. Now. I'll wait.

Since your mind has effectively been blow, here is a complete list of what we know 'so far' about this sleeper hit:

You play as as Aiden Pierce, a man who according to Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin is plagued by the violence and oppression of a modern day Chicago and vows to fight back at the 'powers that be' by utilizing all of those means of control against them.

Aiden is a malleable character who's actions dictated by the player lead to either positive or negative choices (Details of the morality system have not yet been confirmed)


Watch Dogs gameplay is described as, "a mix of action and exploration-with the ability to go wherever you want and interact with a living, breathing world." The ability to scan NPC's and find important details of their lives will open of sidequests! and provide alternative means to complete main quest objectives.


It's set in a modern day time period, according to Morin of Ubisoft " Everything the player will do is something, Someone, Somewhere in our own society can do." In his words, this was created intentionally to give greater weight to the narrative themes of oppression and humanities relationship with technology.


Watch Dogs is "at least a year away from release" and is confirmed to be coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox360, but developers have hinted on the fact they may lengthen the development cycle and release it on the next generation consoles.


Watch Dogs will have an online component similar to Demon Souls, giving the player the ability to interact with another's game world. The entire extent of that interaction is unknown at this time.


Watch Dogs will be utilizing Microsoft's "Smart Glass" features, you will be able to interact and effect your game and the games of others through your mobile devices in a fun and actually useful way.


Ubisoft has hinted that Watch Dogs is run on an entirely new engine, and have already released a teaser website for the game AND a website created by the character you kill in the demo!


That's everything we know so far!  Enjoy the Trailer!


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