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Evil Ernie Creative Team Announced

Evil Ernie - originally from Chaos! - is returning this October 2012 with the help of Dynamite Entertainment. The creative team for Evil Ernie has also been announced. The rocker will be written by Jesse Blaze Snider and drawn by Jason Craig. Ardian Syaf, Nick Bradshaw, Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), and Dan Brereton will be taking turns crafting the covers of this series.

Evil Ernie #1 is part one of Evil Ernie's origin story entitled "Origin of Evil." Born Ernest Fairchild, Ernie didn't start out as an evil murderer but was instead a demure, gentle man. Then, he snapped and went on a rampage. After killing 665 people, Ernie only needed one more victim to finish his deal with a devil. Unfortunately, before he can get to lucky number 666, Ernie is executed. So how will he finish his deal? Find out more when Evil Ernie #1 comes out on the stands.

The writer of the series, Jesse Blaze Snider is a man of numerous professions and a well-known bloodline. Snider is not only a comic book writer but a voice over actor, TV/radio host, semi-pro football player, and rock musician. He is also the eldest son of Dee Snider, the front man and vocalist of the rock band Twisted Sister. With that background, I'm excited to see how Snider recreates Evil Ernie.

According to Snider "It's pretty surreal to be working on Evil Ernie... We're definitely staying true to the spirit of the character, but those who want a little more substance from your Heaven & Hell opus are going to be surprised by the powerful concepts and ideas that serve as the bedrock of this new series...and this new Chaos Universe."

The editor of Dynamite Entertainment comments on Snider's enthusiasm with the series by saying "It was pretty clear from our first meeting with him, that Jesse would have done ANYTHING to write this book; and that kind of passion and dedication - along with his writing chops, of course - go a long way to making this one of our most anticipated launches later this year..."

"Evil lives in 2012!"

Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci adds "With Dynamite's Chaos! characters, we are in possession of some of the most frightening horror characters in comic book history... Evil Ernie is possibly being the most iconic of the Chaos! characters!"

Look for the notorious basket case this October, 2012.

Dynamite Entertainment: Evil Ernie #1 (2012) 


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