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Evolve Alpha Begins End of October

"Xbox One players get in on the 30th of October with a 24-hour head start on PC and PS4 players"
2K has announced that the closed alpha for it's highly anticipated shooter Evolve will begin at the end of this month. For Xbox One owners it starts on the 30th and ends on the 2nd of November and will require a gold subscription. There'll also be a limited number of invites going out to PC and PS4 players, although the dates for those platforms are slightly different, beginning on the 31st of October instead. If you're a PS4 player you'll need to be a PS Plus member too.
If you pre-ordered the game you're guaranteed a spot in the alpha already. However, if you go EvolveGame.com/BigAlpha and enter the code '11197-10708-89072' you might just get in. That code is only good for a few thousand players though and doesn't immediately guarantee entry, so don't bet too hard on it.


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