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EW Reveals New Pics from Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’

A new batch of images for Ridley Scott's next trip to outer space, Prometheus have been released. The new photos premiered in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, but scans from the magazine have been making the internet rounds.

Ignoring some of the more suspect photoshop at work here, it seems like Scott wasn't kidding when he said there was Alien DNA in his newest project. Michael FassbenderNoomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green in spacesuits while investigating an underground chamber (dubbed the Ampule room) seems right out of the first contact scene in Alien. Early internet consensus seems as positive a reaction to photos as can be mustered, thanks to some great set design and what's probably the sexiest astronaut crew ever assembled. Scott has been cagey about plot details, but you can expect to find out plenty more aboutPrometheus before its June 8th release date next year.



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