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Exclusive Kinect FPS titled Blackwater announced.

The game is being developed by Zombie studios who also made the FPS game Blacklight Tango Down, and claims to reinvent the combat shooter genre by allowing players to control it completely by Kinect. Now I must admit, that statement doesn’t really make much sense by itself and I don’t have Kinect nor have I used one. Blackwater will be shown off sometime this E3 and it’s a very interesting concept, just seeing a shooter working properly on Kinect would be quite a sight to behold. This also marks an important step that Microsoft is taking with the hardware and trying to get more people interested in it.

It’s confirmed that the players will be able to move, aim and fire weapons using the Kinect hardware, so you’re not going to be in for some half hearted throw away mode instead of an actual game when using it. You will be able to use a standard controller if you wish, but no other details regarding gameplay are available as of now.  Hopefully the demo will shed some more light on what the Kinect's capabilities will be and the differences it will have compared to the regular controller.Blackwater is set for release in fall 2011 and will be exclusive to Kinect and Xbox 360.


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