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Exclusive Preview Time – Book Smart #1

What's better than having an exclusive interview with Jimmy Palmiotti? Nothing, but having two exclusive preivews of his upcoming releases is a close second. The first is Book Smart and I'll let the man himself tell you all about it.

Booksmart is an 88 page graphic novel Justin and I wrote and Juan Santacruz illustrated. It’s basically a fish out of water story about an American girl who loses her memory while on a trip in Nepal and the adventure she has trying to figure out who she is and why she is even there in the first place.  I was editing a bunch of books for Kickstart during their initial launch and Justin and I decided to pitch this idea to them and they loved it. It’s one of many of their graphic novels that have done…all of them aimed at an all age’s group of readers. It’s solicited this month and we are very happy with the way it came out. There is nothing like picking up a book and having a beginning, middle and an end. Read the rest of the interview here!

And now the first 6 pages of Book Smart from Kickstart Comics

book smart-cover 001c.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-1.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-2.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-3.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-4.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-5.jpg
BOOKSMART preview-6.jpgFor more information, be sure to visit their site.


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