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Exclusive Preview Time – Trailblazer #1

Here's our second exclusive preview courtesy of Jimmy Palmiotti, in support to his new book from Image Comics entitled Trailblazer. Once again I've taken an excerpt from our interview with him in which he talks a little about the book.

Trailblazer comes out July 6th released both in stores and digitally at Comixology.com.  It's totally different from Jonah Hex because it’s a science fiction based adventure that happens to be partly set in the old west. The basic story is about a hired killer that is forced out of hiding and has to go into a witness protection program that sends him back to the past. It’s something Justin and I came up with around 6 years ago and finally got together. The read the interview in it's entirely check it out here.

6.pngRemember you can get the book both in print and digital on July 6th!


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