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Executive Assistan: Lotus #1 – Review

Lotus, starts off a bit different from the otherHit List Agenda books in the fact that it doesn't go through the entire process of explaining what an Executive Assistant is. In fact it’s not even mentioned until much later in the issue which makes this series stand out a little more from the other crossovers.

This is of course the origin issue for Lotus and builds on her as a character while leading into her involvement in the crossover event. The issue begins with Lotus systematically infiltrating an Ambassador’s suite. It’s a great sequence of events as Lotus’ narration gives us details that are usually missing from comic books like the warmth of an explosion on her back and the protection she receives from her suit. In fact writer Vince Hernandez (EIC of Aspen) does a great job of including details like this throughout the entire book. In another sequence Lotus describes how two men being shot by her sniper rifle are in less pain than the rest of the men she’s killing with deadly gas and a tiger.

EA Lotus 1.jpgThe story in general is very good and plays on the one, “what if” question that is in all assassin stories… what happens if they do kill a child? It’s a very interesting take and ends up being the driving force behind the character and plot development.

The art is good and consistent. It didn’t blow my mind at first, but I found myself liking it more and more as I read the issue. Artist Oliver Nome has a style rich with details. What I really liked about his style is that he didn’t just have Lotus ooze with sex appeal, but rather drew her to be more of a confident woman that has control of her situation (for the most part). Nome is a very strong action storyteller as he’s able to guide the story with multiple scenes of action and keep the reader’s attention without losing them in the action.

This is another very solid entry in the Hit List Agenda crossover from Aspen this summer. It didn’t dive right into the crossover yet, but it’s laid the ground work for its involvement and it’s done so in an interesting way by building Lotus as a character outside of the crossover first. There are plenty of big event crossovers this summer, but honestly I’m enjoying this one the most. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s new characters and there isn’t this stigma of expectations that comes with this event, either way it’s enjoyable and worth picking up.




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