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Ezio Auditore’s Costume in Final Fantasy XIII-2?

We’ve certainly seen some strange character crossovers before on certain Xbox 360 titles (the appearance of Yoda in the 360 version of Soul Calibur IV springs to mind).  However, Square Enix has issued a press release with an even stranger crossover: the costume of Ezio Auditore, as seen in the recently-released Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, will be available as an optional outfit for Noel Kreiss, one of the characters in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2.  We don’t yet have any screenshots for how it might look, but there is a render of the costume available, which you can see below.

If there weren’t already enough hints that Final Fantasy XIII-2 might be returning to the over-the-top dress-sphere stylings of the last direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X-2, this seems like fairly strong proof that the game will allow players to dress up the characters in a variety of different costumes.  Ordinarily, this would be fine, but the recent news of the involvement of Japanese pop singer Oshima Yuko (part of the pop group AKB48) in designing some costumes for the main character suggests that FFXIII-2 might be going down the J-pop route once again.  Time will tell.


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