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F1 Gameplay Video Released, Cars Go Vroom

Though I may be from the south, I don’t enjoy racing. I never found it appealing to watch. But if you do, I hear F1 is good. And if you like F1, maybe you’ll like this F1 2010 gameplay video! If not, sorry!

“Showcasing the race day experience of a GRAND PRIXTM, the new gameplay video features the full 24 car grid battling it out at Suzuka, Melbourne and taking on the famous Eau Rouge at Spa. The video also provides an insight into the broader driver’s experience at a GRAND PRIX, showing press interviews in the paddock, race engineers managing their drivers out on the circuit and motion-captured pit-lane crew returning their car into the action. On the track action shows daring passing manoeuvres and wheel-to-wheel racing as stars including Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel compete to become FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS’ WORLD CHAMPION.”

F1 lovers can expect F1 2010 to release on September 22nd of this year.


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