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Fable 3: Packed Full of DLC!

For those of you who have pre-ordered Fable 3, you'll be happy to know that you'll be getting some nice DLC. Everyone who buys the game new will be receiving a potion for summoning monsters, a "Slow Time" potion, a unisex Scot outfit, a Highlander Tattoo Set, and a Red Setter dog skin. A pretty cool package for those paying full price, and an incentive to those that might have been waiting to get it at a low used price.

Though I'm not a big Fable fan I must say bravo to Microsoft. It's hard to get people to buy one new game after another and another right now, but they seem to be making a good move. While I liked Alan Wake's idea of having them giving you a whole new episode of the story to play, I do think that incentives are much better than hurtles to jump. I'd much rather get a pack of items that I might or might not like/use over say...I don't know, maybe having to pay to play the game online if I get it used. Yeah, I'm looking at you EA! Stop it!


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