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Fable E3 Stage Demo Shows Kinect Implementation

I always feel bad for the people that have to demo Kinect games, I mean you must feel like a bit of an idiot up there. Skip to the two minute mark if you don’t want to sit through the trailer again and you’ll see the full game being operated with Kinect. The result is well, different to say the least; while it doesn’t look bad, what’s being shown just doesn’t seem like a real Fable game. It’s hard to imagine how exploration will be handled with this type of game, which is a core element of any RPG.

The demo shows a lot of how gesturing at your Kinect will control gameplay.  It’s difficult to determine every one in particular as you can’t always see both the game and the player. Initial reactions to this have been very negative, which is not surprising from current fans of the Fable series. However, it is pretty obvious that this game is trying to draw in different people than the other games in the franchise.  This could quite possibly backfire on Lionhead.  After the reception of Fable 3, is departing even further really the best way to go about things?


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