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Fable: The Journey is due in 2012 and will use Kinect

The always-enthusiastic Peter Molyneux describes the next step forward for the Fable franchise, which has never been able to capture the same magic as its original entry did all those years ago. This entry in the series will be Kinect enabled (who didn’t see that coming) and allows the player to cast spells by drawing shapes on the screen. Molyneux has said they have been working on integrating the Kinect technology for two years and the game has been in development for even longer. This could explain all the bad things I keep hearing about Fable 3...

Anyway, from the looks of the very limited footage that is available right now the game appears to be an on rail game. Now if that doesn’t set alarms bells off I don’t know what will, there also appears to be sections where you’re on foot, using gestures to cast your spells. There didn’t seem to be any of the usual swordplay that has been in previous games, which I suppose makes sense as it uses Kinect. It’s easy to understand Lionhead wanting to take advantage of the Kinect install base and attract new fans to the series, but this steep departure might cause any new fans to be the only ones left. Fable The Journey is set to release some time in 2012.


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