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‘Fables’ Adaptation has a Director

DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint has produced has produced a number of top comic book series, such as Y: The Last Man and The Losers. One of them, the critically praised Fables is being adapted into a movie and it has now found a director, Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision broke the news of Arcel’s involvement with the project. Arcel is best known as the director of the costume drama A Royal Affair which was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Academy Award and won two Silver Bears at the Berlin Film Festival. It was a critically praised movie and shows the growing strength of the Danish Film Industry.

was created by Bill Willingham, following famous characters from fairy tales and folklore who forced into exile from their home world and forced to live in New York City. The series has won fourteen Eisner Awards since 2002 and Fables: War and Pieces was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story.

Attempts have been made in the past to adapt the series. In 2004 there was an attempt by Warner Bros. with The Jim Henson Company to make a film adaptation and in 2008 a TV adaptation was attempted. But this adaptation seems more promising with David Heyman of Heyday Films and Harry Potter fame producing and Jeremy Slater of the Fantastic Four reboot on screenwriting duties.


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