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Falling Skies Renewed!

For the 4 million or so American television audience members still gluing their eyes to TNT’s alien invasion drama Falling Skies on Sunday nights, the week has brought some good news. After 4 episodes of more than acceptable ratings, the network has seen fit to give you all more of what you love. The show has been renewed for a second season 10-episode run in 2012.

Falling Skies is a true standout series, from its ambitious storytelling, high-profile cast and production team, to its phenomenal success when it comes to international and time-shifted viewing,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies. “We’re reaching new audiences with Falling Skies and look forward to seeing where this fascinating and exciting series takes us next.”

Although the show remains somewhat divisive between critics, the audience numbers speak for themselves. Accounting for live plus 7 day figures, the show’s premiere reached approximately 8 million viewers – a phenomenal success for any cable channel, let alone TNT. Of those, almost half of the audience was comprised by adults 18-49, the most targeted demographic by advertisers.


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