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Fallout 4 Season Pass Content Update

"Start saving your caps! "
Since it’s release in November 2015, players of Bethesda’s post apocalyptic wasteland adventure game, Fallout 4, have been in the dark about the content of the game’s season pass. Despite the lack of details, it was a safe bet fans were not going to be disappointed, as Bethesda has a pretty good track record of it’s additional content for their previous games, such as Skyrim, and Fallout: New Vegas. Finally, it was announced this morning that three expansion packs will be released one at a time in the following months. The packs include Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor. In Automatron, the player battles a series of evil robots that have been unleashed in the Commonwealth. As you defeat these robots and learn who is commanding them, you are able to collect parts from them and build your own robot! Automatron will be released in March and will be $4.99 for non-season pass owners. automatron Wasteland Workshop adds more customization to your settlements, and includes options such as letter kits, taxidermy and additional traps for Raiders and Death Claws. You can even capture Death Claws and have them fight in an arena. Wasteland Workshop will be released in April and will also be $4.99 for non-season pass owners. wastelandworksop Far Harbor will be the first “story” DLC for the game, where you work on a missing persons case for the Valentine Detective Agency. Apparently, this add-on includes a major additional land mass for you to explore, and will also include interactions with the Children of the Atom, so something tells me you better stock up on those Rad-X’s and Radaways, or get yourself a lead-lined Power Armor! For non-season pass owners, the Far Harbor DLC will be $24.99 and will be available May. far harbor In addition to announcing the DLC, Bethesda has announced that the season pass’s price tag will increase from $30 to $50! However, those who already own the season pass will not have to pay any additional fees, and for those who have yet to purchase it, you have until March to get it before the increase. However, Bethesda has said the price increase is due to the amount of additional content they plan to add in the near future.


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