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Fallout New Vegas Promotional Comic Free on iTunes

If you are anything at all like us here at Player Affinity, you are already excited about Fallout New Vegas.  The game is over a month away, but the hype machine is starting to build up steam.  Among the promotional goodies for the game is a hardcover graphic novel written by Chris Avellone, one of New Vegas’ designers.  “All Roads” by Dark Horse Comics, which is only available if you order the Collector’s Edition of New Vegas.  However, folks who own and iPhone/Pad can have a look at 12 pages of it right now by downloading a free app at itunes. If you aren't hip enough to have an iPad/Phone you can still read the comic; unscrupulous individuals have already leaked the entire thing online. 


All Roads is a prequel to New Vegas and does not deal with the character that the Player will control, so you can still build your character however you want and not have to worry about violating the comic book’s cannon (If that’s a concern).  This also means it ought to be spoiler free.  After you’ve read these twelve pages, you’ll have to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game to see how it all turns out- Or so they’re telling us now.  Keep an eye on our comics page for more on future editions of All Roads.


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