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Fan Requested Uncharted 3 Patch Coming

I and many other people who have played Naughty Dog’s latest entry in the monkey climbing adventures of Nathan Drake were quite surprised at the major changes made to the feel of Uncharted 3’s shooting mechanics.  Those who have spoken out about this agree that, while the general control scheme remained identical, the dead zone of the reticule and all kinds of other subtle and technical aspects that go into every games interaction were definitely altered substantially from 2009s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.   

To deal with this, Naughty Dog actually offered to fly the most vocal of the games community to their offices to help them figure out exactly why the shooting didn’t feel right for so many, the conclusion being that for those gamers who enjoyed Uncharted 2 simply felt the way it played was superior to that of Uncharted 3 without actually having the knowledge and experience to explain how and why.  Naughty Dog set out to find the answer and after many tests have decided to release an update to Uncharted 3 that will tweak how the game's shooting feels in order to closer mirror Uncharted 2’s.  Like Killzone 2, which also had its shooting tweaked, this will be an option that players can choose to toggle on and off in an upcoming patch. 

While it is not unusual for the gaming community itself to have an impact on how a game ultimately turns out and is then managed going forward, the fact that Naughty Dog didn't just brush off the claims of its community as pure madness or the usual internet negativity says how much they really care about their fans and how their games are received. 


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