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Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 Review

I was not planning on getting this issue, but after I saw that this issue was only 1 dollar I knew I had to give this series a try. It was very smart to price this comic book at 1 dollar. It makes a lot more readers willing to give this comic book a try.

The cover was great and was another reason I gave this series a try. If you gave a quick glance at this cover you would know that this issue was going to have to do with San Diego Comic Con. There were plenty of elements of San Diego Comic Con that put on the cover, like the convention center and badges.

In this issue we meet a group of fanboys and fangirls that always go to San Diego Comic Con together. They always look forward to Comic Con every year, but this year will not be like any other Comic Con. This year these group of people are going to have fight of a hoard of zombies at San Diego Comic Con.

I liked this issue for all the San Diego Comic Con references. It was a very light story that you could enjoy. You learn about the main characters very quickly, which is a good thing for a comic book like this.

Even though this was an enjoyable issue with a great price tag I still had some problems with this issue. I hated how they created the zombies in the story. The first person to become a zombie became a zombie because he ate a bad hot dog at Comic Con. I thought they could have been a little bit more creative than that. It was silly! This is a comic book aiming at fanboy/fangirls they could have been more creative.

For people who have never been to Comic Con you are probably not going to enjoy this. The title is a little misleading. This is not for all fanboys, but fanboys that have been to a convention and especially to San Diego Comic Con.

The art I thought fit the series. It was very light and cartoony. Since this is not really a dark and serious book the art was a great fit. I really enjoyed the art and glad they choose this style.

If you have been to a comic book convention before I would say pick this issue up. You may really enjoy this if you keep in mind that this is suppose to be a light and fun series. But if you have never been to a convention I would say skip it. 



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