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Fantastic Four To Be Put On Shelf?

Like most series, it has come for the sun to set on Marvel Comics’ first family. Fantastic Four, once a flagship title in its very long-ago heyday, will be sealed off to the public. It’s no surprise, really. The series, and its sister series Future Foundation/FF, have ben floundering for the longest time.  

FF family shot

  First there was Matt Fraction’s own take on the series after the nominally well-received Jonathan Hickman run. Fans felt that Fraction has some sizable shoes to fill and that he failed to do so. Some felt that the Allred’s artwork kept the FF portion afloat. After his came James Robinson, which many feel has been the death knell of the series. Critical fans have called it melancholy, unnecessarily retreading old waters, and boring.   It is hard to refute any one of these claims. So, the series will see its final (for now) issue in 2015 with Fantastic Four #625. At least, according to trade/collection listings. The issue will be triple sized and will be helmed by Robinson and Leonard Kirk. Awful pun title aside (The End Is Fourever), what do you think should be next in store for the FF? Comment below with your own ideas.


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