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Farcry 3 Gameplay Trailer

Farcry 2 was an ambitious game, but it lacked a lot of the elements that made the original and the Xbox installments so much fun. Farcry 3 seems to be going for a much more action-packed experience judging by the gameplay that’s been released. Showcasing far more furious action and some awesome-looking stealth kills, this seems to be bringing back what made Farcry good in the first place.


Farcry 3 is said to take place in Africa once again and introduces a new villain named Voss. Apart from having some great voice talent and dialogue, there isn’t much else to say about him right now. You play as Jason Brody, who is trapped on an island and searching for his girlfriend after his boat has been destroyed.  Sounds familiar that doesn’t it?  Details on the story are very light at this point. Technically, Farcry 3 looks how you might expect and that is to say "Awesome". The jungle environments have always been a standout feature for the series and it's great to see them back again for this installment. Farcry 3 is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is set for release some time in 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. 


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