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Sites don’t always last forever – even the great ones. Old Game Reviewer was one of those great ones.  Older Game Review (OGR for short) never seemed to be looking into becoming as big as it was. The admin of the site, Matt McKee, wanted to create a collaborative site. He welcomed anyone onto his wordpress who wanted to post “teaser” articles onto OGR that were the start of articles about “geek-friendly” content like comic books, movies and video games that had links leading to their original site so you could finish reading the article. I was a member there myself, as were the higher ups for our site, creating teaser posts of my comic book reviews, news stories and features. The was what OGR was: a collaborative site with really no requirements needed when joining other than teasing appropriate content. A friendly gesture to all who wanted their articles to be seen by more eyes. The site unexpectedly grew to an unprecedented amount as more than dozens of bloggers and webmasters started posting on OGR. After a few months, the site began to get 10,000 hits a day – and the twitter account had over 10,000 followers as well. But as you can guess, despite the popularity, OGR closed on November 8th, 2012, but not before a message from admin Matt McKee on the OGR twitter and oldgamereviewer.com website (both of which are now offline) was posted. He said he was closing the site because he wanted his life to take a different route that didn’t involve OGR. I can’t help but be curious to know a more exact answer for McKee’s closing of the site, but I respect his decision to leave, especially doing all the work he did for free. Thank you Matt McKee, for not only exposing my articles to more eyes, but for opening everyone’s eyes as to what a collaborative wordpress, deserved to be called a site, could accomplish in the geek community.  I got a lot of the inspiration and information for this article from twitter user @Nintendo_Legend’s article here OGR Wordpress Closed


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An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict, anime enthusiast and an aspiring novelist/comic book writer. I am the head of the comic book department and the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Fuse. I also write and edit articles for Comic Frontline. I am also an intern at Action Lab Entertainment, a comic book publisher at which I edit comic book scripts, help work on images in solicitations and help with other comic book related project. My own personal website is comicmaven.com.

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