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Fatale #1 Sells Out Before Even Hitting the Stands!

Before even hitting the shelves for release on January 4th, Fatale #1 (written by Ed Brubaker and penciled by Sean Phillips) sold out, even though it was grossly overprinted.

Fatale #1 is a horror comic blended with crime-noir slated to be one of Brubaker's and Phillips' greatest works and does not disappoint. The story revolves around the godson of a detective novelist, who finds out about his godfather's troubling past and gets into a bit of trouble himself when some goons with guns come to his doorstep. With the help of a beautiful and mysterious woman named Jo, who looks stunningly similar to his godfather's former love interest, our protagonist must survive and uncover some of his godfather's darkest secrets in the process.

Fatale #1 probably sold out for three distinct reasons:

1. Both of the covers are stunningly beautiful: one with a gorgeous woman gracing the page and the other with an octopus monstrosity (my own personal reason for picking up this title).

2. The premise is intriguing and comes from a popular, award-winning and best-selling writing team who have worked on Sleeper, Criminal and Incognito.

3. The reviews for Fatale have all been positive, some going as far to say this will be one of the best series of 2012 (as it very well could be).

The comic is on sale now for $3.50 while supplies last and a second printing can be ordered now, but will be released on February 1st, the same day Fatale #2 is slated for release.

Read my full review of this issue here.

Fatale #1 (2012) Cover A 
Fatale #1 (2012) Cover B


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