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Fatale Becomes Ongoing

I am not a Fatale fan. I did give pretty high praise to Fatale #1 and #2, but by Fatale #3 I lost interest. I don’t really know why, but it wasn’t pulling me in. But for fans who were sucked in by Fatale’s femme fatale Josephine and the mysterious plotline, rejoice, for the curse of the femme fatale is now ongoing - and will be revealed in four standalone flashback issues by Brubaker and Phillips! Originally, writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips planned for Fatale to just be a mini-series, but their wealth of ideas for stories in the series’ universe (and the outstanding number of copies sold) have made Fatale go from a mini-series to an ongoing. In an interview with Comics Alliance writer Ed Brubaker said: "Fatale was originally envisioned as a novel in three parts… but I kept having ideas for side-plots and tangents or single issues, and it started to feel more like it was meant to be a more sprawling story. So I just decided to let it go until it's finished."  Beginning their now ongoing format, Brubaker and Phillips have four standalone issues of Fatale coming out that will explore the past of Josephine and her curse… and the other women that have suffered like her. These standalone journeys include Fatale #11, Fatale #12, Fatale #13 and Fatale #14.  Fatale #11 will be on shelves in December 2012 and will explore Jo’s early years while she was on the run in 1930s California. Fatale #11 CoverFatale #12 hits stores the following January and will go back to Medieval Europe and watch another femme fatale face off against demonic forces and witch-burnings. Fatale #12 Cover Fatale #13 will be out in time for Valentine’s during February 2012. Taking a step forward in time from our medieval setting, readers will be transported to the west.  Fatale #13 Cover Fatale #14, the last of the standalone issues, will hit stores in March and takes place during World War II. Jo is back again, and this time she is fighting against crazy cultists Fatale #14 Cover Each of these issues will also contain extra articles and art that is not collected in the trade paperback. This includes essays written by the renowned pop culture scholar Jess Nevin (The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana), an unsurprising choice considering she worked with Brubaker and Phillips on their other title, Criminal. Really, this sounds perfect for someone like me who got off the bandwagon early and is thinking about jumping back on. Each issue has a very different setting, making it possible for almost everyone to enjoy at least one of these four issues.    


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