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FF #17 Review

I don’t pick up every issue of FF, but when an issue catches my eye I am always excited to read Hickman’s work. I am a big Spider-man fan and I love his friendship with Johnny Storm. This looked liked a fun issue, and I was very excited to pick it up.

The cover was the main reason I picked up this issue. As I said before I love Jonny and Spidey’s friendship. I also loved the art. It was very simple, and that is what made it great. It is one of the best covers I have seen for this series so far.

In this issue Peter and Johnny become roommates, but Peter can’t stand living with Johnny. Peter tries to live with Johnny, but with everyday that passes he wants to kick Johnny out even more.

This was a very fun read. It is great to get a break from big story arcs and have a fun read every once in a while. It lets you catch your breath for stories to come. Some people hate filler issues and think they are boring and some filler issues can be, but if you can provide a fun story some filler issues can be great. This issue fell into the category of being a fun filler issue that was worth buying.

When you see Johnny and Spidey together in an issue be ready to receive a lot of comedy. They play off each other very well. These two characters are the comedic reliefs in their own series so when you put them together it is hilarious. This is exactly what you get with this issue. This was a great comic to get if you want a break from darker comics.

When I started to read FF #17, it was very easy to compare it with issues 680 and 681 of The Amazing Spider-man. In this issue of FF and in The Amazing Spider-man, we get to see great Johnny and Spidey bromance stories. However, in The Amazing Spider-man, Slott showed Johnny and Peter’s friendship more than they did in FF. I’m happy that they showed the hardships of the two living together in FF, but I wanted to see a little bit more of the friendship between them like I saw in The Amazing Spider-man. I am still crossing my fingers that one day we get an ongoing series with Johnny and Spidey.

The art for this issue fit very well for Johnny, but I didn’t think it really fit well for Peter. He had a very small nose that did not fit his face. The art in this issue should have been more like the art on the cover, and I was a little disappointed that is wasn’t.

Overall, this issue was a fun read and worth picking up. I think I was a little disappointed with this issue because I had high expectations that fell a little short. But this issue is still worth reading for any Spidey and Human Torch fan.



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