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FIFA 13 Gets More Shots On Goal

A bunch of fresh screenshots have been released for EA's upcoming FIFA 13 and they've hit the target yet again. The new screenshots show off some exciting new features which EA have been keeping hidden. Firstly, Career Mode will now include International matches, just like in real life. What this means for you is that if you're playing as the manager and one of your players gets called up to play for their country, you actually have to play their game. It'll also give a more realistic twist on player fitness as no doubt by having a striker playing an International friendly, they won't be rested up for the next club game. It makes for a much more tactical take on how you approach each match and will give you a chance to try out some of your other players whom you wouldn't have used otherwise. Handy.


The other feature we get a look at from the batch of new screenshots, is a "skill mode" in the arena, much like that of the PES games. Essentially, they'll be short little mini-games to help you practice all sorts of moves, set-pieces and so on. PES has had this mode going on for years, but FIFA is only just picking it up and with the new "First Touch Control" system, I'll sure we'll need it.


We were a little concerned about FIFA 13 this year; before now, none of the additions seemed major, but now we've got lots of minor tweaks (some we didn't even ask for, but are cool nevertheless) which can enhance the game further. Check out this link to find all of the screenshots released so far, and get yourself ready for another exciting season.


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