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FIFA 13 is better with Kinect?

When Andrew Wilson spoke about Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13 for Microsoft's Conference at E3 2012, he spoke a great deal about Kinect, specifically for FIFA 13. EA Sports' annual Football phenomenon has never had Kinect functionality before in the series, and while Kinect in FIFA 13 doesn't look set to be revolutionary or massively game-changing, the small additions we've seen thus far look fairly impressive. Don't be mistaken, this is not the reason to buy a Kinect, but if you already own one and buy FIFA on an annual basis, you should be looking out for these features.

First, we're shown how to quickly make a substitute with voice recognition rather than flicking through layers of clunky menus. All you have to do is say "substitute (insert position)". Andrew Wilson decides to "substitute striker", which brings up your current strikers on the pitch each with a number next to their name. If the player you want off has number 3 next to him, you say "substitute striker 3". Then you just have to repeat the process to bring a new striker on. It looks handy and is a much faster way of getting things done. Similiarly, you can change the formation during the play just by saying the numbers that match the formation of which you want to change to.


Finally, we get a look at a rather extreme feature - the ability to voice your thoughts on the referee, in this case, swearing. Of course the swear word was bleeped out, but I'm sure you can say whatever foul language you choose, the commentator certainly seems to pick up on it. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but somehow Martin Tyler (the commentator) knew that a swear word had been sworn, and he responded with "the players not happy with the referee". It sounds awesome on paper, but whether this will work or not is a whole different

FIFA 13 with Kinect should be interesting - while you don't really play the game using Kinect, you can certainly manage it. Whether it's 'Better With Kinect' or not, we'll have to wait and see.


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