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FIFA Comes to Vita

FIFA has been a marquee franchise for well over 10 years.  The last three iterations of the console game have seen some major additions to the game.  FIFA 10 added 360 degree dribbling, 11 saw improved AI and player personalities along with "Be a Keeper."  FIFA 12 saw improvement in player physics and models along with a dramatic overhaul to defense and strategy.  FIFA is always one of the best sports games year in and year out and it is no surprise that it is coming to Vita and packing some serious features.

Barcelona v Real Madrid

The first thing is the graphics.  It looks like it belongs on a console but more spectacular to me is how they look to make use of the touchscreen and touch pad on the Vita.  Passing sometimes seems nebulous with the way you have to aim with the movement stick.  From personal experience it has always been annoying to me when I've looked at a teammate onscreen and accidentally passed to another due to my thumbs not cooperating with my eyes.  Those types of situations could be dramatically reduced with FIFA on Vita.  Free kicks and passes can be accomplished with the simplest swipe of a finger.  Likewise aiming when shooting on goal can now be done using the touch pad on the back of the Vita.  Want to go high right corner?  Easy, tap the back of the Vita as if it were the back of the net and your player will try to score there. 

It is important to note that these control methods are optionable and can be turned off for a more traditional gameplay experience.  It is nice though to know that EA Sports tried to really take advantage of all the technology the Vita has to offer.  We'll have to see if it plays as well as it looks when we finally get our hands on it.

[Source and images courtesy of: PlayStation Blog]


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