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Fifth “Die Hard” Sequel Gets a Title

Over the past few months we’ve been hearing more and more about a fifth “Die Hard” installment. Yes, Bruce Willis will return as John McClane. Other than that, we didn’t know much about the film. Now we’ve been treated to some more info about the project.

Today, it was revealed via /Film that the sequel will be called A Good Day to Die Hard. Earning a spot in the questionable movie titles book, expect someone in the film – probably Willis – to cheekily say something like “It’s a good day to die hard” during an anticlimactic attempt at a climactic moment.

What’s more, we know that the film focuses on McClane fighting terrorists upon trying to help his son get out of a jail in Moscow. The role of the son has yet to be cast, but expect an announcement on that soon, since production begins this coming January. “Good Day” is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2013.

It’s arguable that the franchise has run its course, but the story sounds like it could be promising, especially if the casting for McClane’s son works. 


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