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Fight Night Champion Announced

Today at an EA event, EA Sports announced Fight Night Champion. I’ve been a fan of Fight Night since Round 2 so the announcement of this is quite a joy to me. Though I worry if they’ll be able to change the game enough to warrant me paying another sixty bucks for their game.

“Featuring a refined physics-based animation system that incorporates improved locomotion, punching and stamina mechanics, Fight Night Champion will enable users to move, attack and dodge with the speed and power of the best champions, contenders and pretenders in the world of boxing. In addition, an all-new control scheme, dubbed Full Spectrum Punch Control, will deliver the most realistic punching system ever seen in a simulation fighting game, while still delivering an accessible experience that will make Fight Night Champion the most user-friendly title in the franchise’s history.”

A new physic and control scene sounds very intriguing. A physic system in any game sounds great but adding another new one to a game that relies so heavily on its hard shots and animation could be a gamechanger.

The “dubbed Full Spectrum Punch Control” may be good but right now, we know nothing about it apart it being realistic and accessible. Though that could just be PR talk and it’s really a confusing mess. But with Fight Night’s history, I extraordinarily doubt that.


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