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Final Day of Steam’s Summer Camp Sale & More

Steampowered.com is having a huge sale, and today is your last chance to get games on the cheap.  Here's a rundown on the final offerings from Steam's Summer Camp Sale, along with the other big sales of the day.

Direct2Drive.com sells Civilization 5 for $19.95, and Civ III for $3.95, and Medieval II: Total War for $5.95.  If you own a mac, you could also get Civ IV for $7.95.  This is good for Sunday, July 10th and the morning of Monday, July 11th. There will be a new set of games on D2D every day for the next few weeks.

Good Old Games (Gog.com) is having a "Gog Gems" sale for the next two weeks, with a new Daily Deal on a classic every day.  Today you can buy the 2-D RTS game Knights and Merchants, along with its expansion pack for $2.39.

Today, on Steam's last day of their big sale, deals include:

Fallout: New Vegas: 70% off (Including DLC)
Dawn of War II is $7.49  
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is on sale at various discounts including DLC (the complete pack
is $9.99)
Portal 2 for $24.99
Just Cause franchise is 75% off, including DLC
Indie game Terraria is $2.49
Everything for Magicka is 66% off including DLC
The shooter/ tower defense hybrid Sanctum is at $3.75
Total War Shogun 2 is $29.99
Borderlands is 75% off, including the DLC and the Game of the Year Edition
The Witcher 2 is $33.49
Assassin's Creed franchise is on sale at various discounts
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition (With the two DLC Packs) is marked down to $9.99
Two Worlds 2 is $17.00
Fable III is 50% off, at $24.99.


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